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Services provided by Legal Nurse Consultants include:

    • Screening and investigating medical cases for merit
    • Interpreting medical records and summarizing significant medical events
    • Locating appropriate experts to support your case
    • Assessing injuries and damages
    • Serving as a liaison between attorneys and healthcare providers
    • Assisting in preparing interrogatories

Legal Nurse Consulting

Why a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant?

The services of a CLNC are far more cost-effective than those of a physician. As the healthcare provider who is face-to-face with the patient every day, the CLNC can educate you about a wide range of medical issues. This knowledge saves you time and money when working with expensive medical experts.


Scope of Practice in Legal Medical Consulting

HMLC educates the attorney-client, opposing attorneys, jurors, plaintiffs and defendants, judge, resource consultants, and consumers.

HMLC helps to assure that the legal system uses scientific, medical and nursing information properly and without distortion.

HMLC provides a cost-effective adjunct to the litigation process.

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